Sunny day on a beach with foot prints all over the sand

Find the best beach vacation

With a name like Alaska Airlines, we know that we might not be the obvious choice when the idea of a beach vacation comes to mind. But when it comes to relaxation and warmth, we're experts at finding the beach vacation destinations with the best sun, sand and surf and sharing them with our guests. Let us fly you to the beaches of Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands, and deliver you to beach adventures as close as California and further afield in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

A destination that favors adventures of every kind, Costa Rica's verdant landscape offers plenty of opportunities for beach relaxation, tucked between trips to nature preserves, rafting, rain forest hikes, surfing, exploring volcanic craters and so much more.


A paradise in the pacific, Hawai’i is one of our country’s great treasures. With endless stretches of sand, perfect waves, superb snorkeling and unforgettable sunsets, Hawaiian beaches embody the idea of vacation in the minds of many.


Our neighbor to the south, Mexico is a land of staggering landscapes, rich culture, and stunning beaches. Want to scuba, sail and relax on some of the best beach waterfront in North America? Head to Mexico.


Some of the greatest sun, sand, and surf can be found right at home, in the continental United States. California's beaches, whether urban or remote, rugged or refined, are nothing short of spectacular.