Saver fare reference guide

Revised October 2018

Saver fare overview

Our Saver fare is the most affordable ticket on Alaska Airlines. Though there are some fare restrictions, the inflight experience is identical to our Main fare: identical mileage accrual, identical seating space, identical inflight entertainment and amenities, identical refreshments, and identical luggage allowance.

These fares will be available for sale on flights marketed and operated by Alaska Airlines starting early in November 2018, for travel beginning in January 2019. Saver fares may be offered initially in limited markets (subject to change) for travel in early December.

Saver fares include some restrictions regarding booking, refunds, changes, and seat selection.

Booking agent responsibilities

When selling Saver fares, you must clearly explain Saver fare restrictions to guests before finalizing their purchase.

Alaska has worked with GDS and distribution partners to ensure all partners have the correct messaging and information to communicate these fare restrictions clearly in shopping flows and branded fare displays. Similar to baggage fees and codeshare operations, the booking agent is responsible for properly disclosing Saver restrictions and conditions to the guest, as required by Alaska???s booking and ticketing policy.

The following sections describe Saver fare rules and restrictions in more detail.

Booking/fare rules

  • No changes or refunds are allowed beyond the first 24 hours after ticketing.
  • Normal ticketing rules apply.
  • No same-day confirmed changes are allowed for Saver fares.
  • No standby is allowed for Saver fares, even for Elite guests.
  • If a guest is a no-show for the first leg, all other segments are automatically canceled and the total fare is forfeited.
  • Saver fares cannot be combined with any other fare types on the same itinerary.
  • Tickets must be issued on AS/027 ticket stock.
  • Saver fares are non-transferable.
  • Contact the inside sales desk at 1-800-327-2755 for minor name corrections.
  • Interline travel is not permitted on the same ticket.

NOTE: Saver fares and rules will be filed in ATPCO branded fares.

Compare fare types

The following table describes the similarities and differences between Alaska’s Saver and Main fares.

Alaska’s most restricted fare
More options, more flexibility
First Class
The most comforts, the most amenities
Seats Assigned at check-in1 Main Cabin First Class Cabin
Boarding/overhead bin access 2 Last3 General Priority
First 2 checked bags $ $ Free
Elite benefits /upgrades X ??? ???
Flight changes4 X ??? ???
Same-day confirmed flight changes5 X ??? ???
Miles flown = miles earned6 ??? ??? ???

This travel option isn’t recommended for parties of two or more.
All passengers are allowed one carry-on + one personal item. Overhead bin space is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Elite passengers keep their Elite boarding status.
Other Saver fare rules and restrictions apply to MVP®, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75k Mileage Plan members.
Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all fares, including Saver fares. Changes are not otherwise permitted for Saver fares. Main and First Class fares are subject to change fees. Change fee is waived with a refundable fare.
Subject to a same-day change fee (waived with a refundable fare).
Miles are awarded on qualifying fares.

Seat assignments and availability

  • No seat assignments are available at the time of purchase. Seats are assigned at check-in only.
  • For parties of two or more, adjacent seating is not guaranteed.
  • Premium Class seats will be available for an additional fee at beginning in Q1, 2019.
  • Because seat assignments are not allowed with Saver fares, an error message will appear in the native GDS booking environment seat map if you attempt to assign a seat.
  • Contact the Inside Sales Desk at 1-800-327-2755 for special-needs guests, unaccompanied minors, and infant seat assignments.


  • Mileage plan accrual rates remain unchanged.
  • Elite status qualification rates remain unchanged.
  • Guests booked on a Saver fare cannot use miles to upgrade to First Class.

Elite guests

  • Elite guests are assigned a seat at check-in.
  • Elite guests board according to their status.
  • No same-day confirmed changes allowed.
  • No standby allowed.
  • No complimentary upgrades to Premium Class or First Class allowed.

NOTE: Other than Elite boarding privileges, all Saver fare rules and restrictions apply to MVP®, MVP Gold, and Gold 75K Mileage Plan members.

Boarding priority

  • Non-Elite Saver guests board the aircraft in the last group.
  • Guests who purchase a Premium Class seat (available at in Q1, 2019) after purchasing a Saver fare may board with the Premium Class group.
  • Saver guests are eligible for denied boarding compensation.

Baggage/carry-on policy

  • Existing carry-on allowance applies: 1 carry-on plus 1 personal item.
  • Existing checked baggage allowance applies, including the Visa Signature card benefit (1 free bag) and the Elite bag benefit.

Identification (COS/FCB/fare type/fare brand)

  • Booking class: Saver fares are filed in booking class (RBD) ???X??? and at a range of levels, each one linked with a corresponding fare basis beginning with a Y, S, B, M, H, Q, L, V, K, G, T, R.
  • Dual availability required: Saver fares require dual availability (book ???X??? but another applicable Main Cabin inventory code must also be available).
  • Identification: Saver fares are identified by a ???B??? in the 7th character of the fare basis code. For example: RH4OASBN
  • Fare type code: EOU (economy one-way unbundled).
  • Attributes/Restrictions: Saver fare attributes and fare restrictions are available on and in Sabre Branded Fares, Travelport Rich Content and Branding, and Amadeus Fare families.

Inhibiting Saver fares

  • If you do not wish to sell Saver fares, you can inhibit their display on GDS???s and OBT booking tools. Contact your GDS or OBT Help Desk for detailed instructions on how to inhibit Saver fares.
  • If you do not inhibit Saver fares, they will be displayed as the lowest-priced available fare in the markets in which they are filed.


  • For specific questions, call the inside sales desk at 1-800-327-2755 daily, between 5 am and midnight PT.