Accessible travel services

At Alaska Airlines, we strive to make your travel experience as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible. Browse the categories below to learn more about our accessible travel services.

Wheelchair and mobility assistance

We offer escorted wheelchair assistance to the boarding area and aircraft door, transfer to/from your seat, and transport of personal mobility devices.

Learn more about our mobility services and traveling with wheelchairs

Service and support animals

We welcome service and support animals on board, but you may need to provide documentation depending on your destination and the type of support animal.

Learn more traveling with service and emotional support animals

Seating accommodations

We reserve special seating for passengers with certain types of disabilities and offer additional seats for purchase to those passengers who require more room.

Learn more about the seating accommodations we can offer

Oxygen and respiratory devices

If you need to transport or use a respiratory device on our plane, you may be required to provide advance notice and a consent form from your physician.

Learn more about traveling oxygen and respiratory devices

Vision assistance

We offer escort assistance to and from the plane and between gates, as well as assistance onboard and with carry-on items for passengers who are blind or have low vision.

Learn more about the vision assistance we offer.

Hearing assistance

We will gladly work with passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing to establish the best form of communication.

Traveling with developmental and intellectual disabilities

We are pleased to provide escort for passengers who need assistance to and from the aircraft or between gates.

We also partner with local organizations to provide passengers with disabilities the opportunity to learn about airports and air travel in a practice setting.

Other services and information

  • Traveling with a ticketed safety assistant
  • Traveling with medication
  • Translation services
  • Traveling with severe allergies
  • Insecticide concerns